New novel, “Body Art”, coming this winter

Triana’s new horror novel, “Body Art”, will be released this winter by Blood Bound Books.

Artists come in all varieties.

As an undertaker, Harold considers himself an artist, and the human body his canvas. His expertise is bringing the appearance of life back to clients for their wakes. But when his ex-lovers start arriving in body bags, Harold believes he’s receiving a message to create a new masterpiece.

Rutger and Kandi also make their art with flesh. The duo found fame in the golden age of pornography, releasing huge hits in the 1980s and living extravagant lives. Now under the pressure of a new market, one that craves more vile and taboo movies, Rutger hires Kandi once again, this time to create the most shocking porno imaginable. They even draw in two curious teenagers, Toby and Jessica, whose cabin vacation has landed them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Attracted by all of these creations, a mysterious red dust surrounds these unique artists, bringing their worlds together.

Soon they’ll all learn that art truly does imitate life.


“Triana’s words drip with grisly elegance. Even when he turned my stomach, I couldn’t help craving more.”

– Jessica McHugh, author of The Train Derails in Boston

“I never knew something so twisted could turn me on so much!” ~ Tim Morse of Anal Cunt

“Triana delivers a glorious combination of sex, guts, and unexplainable supernatural strangeness.” ~ Chad Stroup, author of Secrets of the Weird

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