Triana’s latest nightmare is FULL BRUTAL, now available through Amazon, Smashwords, and straight from Grindhouse Press (or generally anywhere books are sold).

Full Brutal Front Cover

Kim White is a very popular cheerleader. She’s pretty, healthy, and comes from a well-off family. She has everything a girl of sixteen is supposed to want. And she’s sick to death of it. In search of something to pull her out of her suicidal thoughts, she begrudgingly decides to lose her virginity, having heard it’s a life-changing event. But Kim doesn’t want to do it the same way her peers do. She seduces one of her teachers, hoping to ruin his life just for the fun of it. This starts Kim on a runaway train of sadism, and she makes every effort to destroy the lives of those around her. But soon simple backstabbing is not enough to keep her excited, and she nosedives into sabotage, violence, and even murder. When Kim finds out she’s pregnant with her teacher’s child, a new madness overtakes her, and she realizes there’s only one thing that will satisfy her baby’s hunger . . .


Ketchum Full Brutal

“One part Heathers and Mean Girls, another part Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer, Kristopher Triana’s Full Brutal lives up to its title in the juiciest, goriest way imaginable. It’s a deep plunge into madness and murderous frenzy for the pure hell of it. At the same time, it is intricately clever in the way it delivers its carefully calculated doses of eye-popping brutality. Full Brutal is a damn good hardcore horror novel.”

–Bryan Smith, author of 68 Kill

“As violent and sadistic as it is wickedly satirical, Full Brutal will leave you feeling disgusted, degraded and filled with contempt for humanity. I loved it.”

– John McNee, author of Prince of Nightmares

“Full Brutal is like American Psycho through a Mean Girls filter, except cheerleader from hell Kim White makes Patrick Bateman look like a well-adjusted gentleman you’d really like to get to know. Arguably Triana’s finest and most disturbing work to date, and I’m a little terrified to see how he’s going to outdo this one in the future.”

– Chad Stroup, author of Secrets of the Weird

“Full Brutal is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I loved it. Extreme horror is in good hands.”

– Kristopher Rufty, author of Something Violent and Pillowface

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