The Ruin Season – A Novel Coming in 2016

Kristopher Triana’s “The Ruin Season” will be published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing in 2016. This will be his novel debut.

The novel is a country noir story, filled with haunting madness and love, as well as violent heroism and blood-soaked revenge. It is a sorrowful tale in the southern gothic tradition of Cormac McCarthy, Harry Crews, Stewart O’Nan and Daniel Woodrell.

More updates will come as this progresses; until then head over to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and pick up some of their excellent books.

“Dog Years” to appear in “Selfies from the End of the World” by Mad Scientist Journal

Triana’s newest short story, “Dog Years”, will be appearing in “Selfies from the End of the World”, an upcoming apocalyptic anthology from Mad Scientist Journal.

The story is about a teenage girl and her friends trying to survive in a world where everyone ages seven times faster than humans ever did before and dies by the time they’re in their early twenties.

Stay tuned for more updates, including a release date.


Growing Dark: A Collection of Short Stories

A cold wind ushers in, warning of the horror that lurks in the cobwebbed corners of our world. A black fate has befallen us all. Growing Dark, Kristopher Triana’s short story collection, is being unleashed this spring by Blue Juice Press. 

A small town is ruined by black rain, and two police officers find themselves face to face with the creatures lurking in the flooded streets. In the Wild West, an aging gunslinger returns to his favorite brothel, only to encounter a fathomless black tar that’s devouring everyone within. Paramedics find a remedy for a zombie virus outbreak — but can the survivors come to terms with their cannibalism? Former high-school sweethearts reconnect for the anniversary of a murder. Two deceased movie legends come back as avenging angels, tracking demons through haunted canyons.  Continue reading “Growing Dark: A Collection of Short Stories”

Interview with DARKER Magazine

DARKER, a Russian horror magazine, recently published one my stories “The Devouring.”

You can read the story in Russian here, the interview in Russian here, and the interview in English below.

First off, Kristopher, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule for us. So, tell us about yourself, please. What do you do besides writing? What brought you into horror? Which books and authors have influenced on you most?

Happy to be interviewed. Thanks for the invite. I’m an author and all around horror maniac. I am also a professional dog trainer. As for the horror genre, I’ve been obsessed with it my whole life. I think as a kid the magic of Halloween lured me into all things dark and deadly. The authors who influenced me most as a youth would be Clive Barker, Richard Matheson and Stephen King, but as I really became passionate about writing in my twenties, my influences ranged widely to include Ted Lewis, Cormac McCarthy, Stewart O’Nan, Rex Miller, Nick Cave, and a lot of old fashioned western authors like Glendon Swarthout and Larry McMurty.

Continue reading “Interview with DARKER Magazine”