Appearance! Killercon – Austin, TX

Very excited to announce that I’ll be a part of two panels at KillerCon in Austin, TX on Saturday, August 17.

7:30pm Raising The Freak Flag! Sex, Perversion, Fetishes, and Utter Depravity. When Does It Go Too Far? I’ll be up there with Edward Lee, Wrath James White, John Skipp, Christine Morgan and Dave Barnett.

“In Extreme Horror, Erotic Horror, and even Bizarro, sex is often used as a plot device, a source of fear, and terror, an example of how terrible our antagonist can be. When does it go too far and become sexist, or exploitive? Is it okay to portray sexual minorities as villains? Kinks and fetishes as examples of evil?”

Before that, at 6pm “HOW NOT TO KILL YOURSELF: What Do You Do To Stay Sane And Creative?” I’ll be up there with Lucas Magnum, William Gagliani, Michael Luis Dixon, Kenzie Jennings and Kelli Owen.

“After wallowing in the realm of werewolves, demons, zombies, serial killers, and their victims, dredging up the horrors from your past, and the headlines to bleed them onto the page, how do you fend off depression? What do you do with your anger and outrage? What do you do when self-doubt and imposter syndrome become paralyzing? How do you hold it together and keep writing?”

I’ll also be signing books all weekend!

Join us for the carnage!

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